Friday, February 9, 2007

How to improve the performance of your computer


To run your equipments optimally, you need to maintain it. Whether computers, hi fi or TV.

My TV lasted a whopping 11 years, using this simple idea, I learnt from maintaining the machinery. I felt this piece of equipment give me the best value. Mind you, my son watched it at least few hours per day, the picture quality is fantastic, after I sprayed it with an electronic contact cleaner. It neutralised away all those unwanted materials that stick inside the electronic circuit board.

You need to go to a shop that sells electrical equipments and ask for the electronic cleansing agent.
The water vapour, air pollution, which settled on the printed circuit board caused it to rust and the performance to deteriorate, and need to be neutralised.

You don't don't need to do it a lot of time, one or two times can do the job. You will see the difference. It will last longer and performance better.

8 years ago my wife bought an inexpensive VCR for my son to watch children materials, after few years of usage, I decided to spray it with an electronic contact cleaner. After the maintenance, Wow I discovered a substantial improvement in the quality of pictures it produced. My wife still use it as a spare for my younger son to watch the children programs. Normally low cost VCRs don't produce fantastic pictures

By using the electronic cleansing agent it can really improve the performance of the electronic equipment. It neutralised all those water vapour in the air that caused rust in the printed circuit board and the foreign materials e.g. dust that stick to it.

It is a simple, inexpensive yet a brilliant idea to maintain all your electronic equipments, even one or two times in your equipments life-span, can save you thousands of dollars and other opportunities costs. It is simple yet an effective way to improve the performance of you electronic equipments.

The electronic contact cleaner, neutralise the negatives elements in the printed circuit boards like dust & rust, which caused by the water vapour in the air, thereby improve the electricity conductivity of the printed circuit board. As a result improve the performance of the equipments and extend its life spans.

How to do it:

Removed the cover, use a good brush to clear off all the foreign particles in the circuit board. Spray it with electronic contact cleaner, wait for it to dry. By following these tips, you will see astonishing results.

The principle is quite similar to bicycle problems. It need to spray the chemicals to neutralise all those negative substance that settle on it, and immediately see an improvement, etc rust which caused by oxidation by the air, the air pollution also affect it.

Having doing maintaining of equipments since young and constantly searching for way to improve my equipments, this is the most effective and value added way to see any noticeable improvements in your computers, hi fi, TV .

My years of tinkering with machinery and electronic equipments. I found these process the most cost effective way. It is simple and not time comsuming. It will give years of trouble-free usage of your electronic equipments.

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